Digital reference (or virtual reference) is a service by which a library reference service is conducted online, and the reference transaction is a computer- mediated communication. It is the remote, NextNextcomputer-mediated delivery of reference information provided by library professionals to users who cannot ... Email is the oldest type of virtual reference service used by libraries.


Reference Service is an important personalized service in the library and information centers. Traditionally, it is a one-to-one service provided by the reference librarian to users. But the ... expand. Cooperation between Learning Resource Centers at Colleges of Applied Sciences, Oman.


Sedigheh Shakeri (s-shakeri@nlai.ir) is Virtual Reference Librarian, National Library ... to assess the characteristics of users of reference services and their information ... reference services could be classified in computer science, information, and ... In each hall there is a reference desk, staffed by a reference librarian who ...


Sep 17, 2008 ... Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and ... An evaluation from the perspective of the online reference service itself will ... This lack of detail is due to the difficulty of capturing transcripts of reference interactions at the desk ... Capturing the librarian's username enables services offered by a ...


that have changed the traditional practice at the library's reference desk. Major American ... Virtual reference services; Digital library; Information technology; Digital reference ... librarians use and assess the tools and resources on the network for ... which received questions via specific e-mail on an area of science, the Ask a.


Aug 1, 2018 ... The paper highlights on virtual reference service (VRS) in academic libraries. It is a ... **Department of Library and Information Science, Rastrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur-440 033 ... have a general reference desk, full time reference ... need, the librarian can use a 'Chat' component of.


Traditionally, a librarian would man the reference desk and help readers find the ... Studies show that users of library virtual reference services use them to filter ... If you are working towards your Library and Information Science degree online, ...


Services (CDRS); Reference Interview; Reference Librarian. 1. Introduction ... The Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science (ODLIS) provides an updated ... User or client is the focal point of the library reference service. Users have different .... answer which may not be possible at a busy reference desk. On the ...


provision of reference and information services. response to the electronic infor- mation explosion ... Affairs, College of Information Science ... the types of questions posed to virtual reference services.12 Still other ... between the user and the librarian in some service point ... the reference desk into two or more service points.