Sep 5, 2016 ... Just as a father was mourning his child killed at Sandy Hook, strangers ... But for him, the appeal of conspiracy theories was the same as watching a good science -fiction movie. .... “They could never admit when they were wrong,” Moser said. .... Pozner denied getting any satisfaction out of his campaign but ...


Nov 21, 2014 ... Two years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Connecticut's ... Here are some of the disturbing things we learned about Lanza. ... possibility of moving with his mother and a "falling out" with an unnamed friend. ... that their son was "angry" about having to go to Yale and he refused treatment.


May 2, 2017 ... Noah Pozner was reluctant to go to school that day. ... At school, Noah jumped out, his backpack in one hand, his jacket in the other. ... Noah was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, murdered about half ... That was bad, Pozner agrees, but not necessarily the most unsettling.


Jun 8, 2013 ... The families of Sandy Hook Elementary were collaborating on a Mother's Day card, ... Mark turned on his computer and began looking for the right picture. .... had become a battle, because her newfound fear made her reluctant to leave home. ... Up there, on the ceiling, was the sticky toy he had bought in a ...


Apr 2, 2017 ... And their theories have been picked up by one of America's most ... And other Sandy Hook residents are pleading with President Trump, ... "I'll be honest with you," he says, "if I'm wrong, I need to be .... That's how he initially found out that his son's murder was being denied by the conspiracy theorists.


Dec 10, 2017 ... He writes the names of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. ... Tex., whose district has stepped up security measures since that shooting. ... on bad people, "there are people who go to schools and shoot people," ... parents has been positive: They feel better with the school not being a soft target.


May 24, 2014 ... Inadequate gun control and poor mental-health care are problems that invariably ... In preschool and at Sandy Hook, where he was a pupil till the beginning of sixth ... 'It was communicated as “Adam, this is good news. .... Peter went to pick him up for a weekend visit, and Adam was angry and refused to go.

Dec 14, 2012 ... Would they come right out and show themselves for all the world to see?! In plain sight?! Sandy Hook was a tragedy and everyone should believe what all the media has told ... There is NOTHING wrong with GMO food, Aspartame, Fluoride, RFID ... He wont be ringing doorbells nor will he care to show ID.


Sep 1, 2016 ... Suggesting connections between right-wing hate groups and Republican ... Says Alex Jones "said that the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child .... I will not let you down,'" the story said, going on to say Jones had ... they get caught using blue screens and a email by Bloomberg comes out in a ...