Ukraine sometimes called the Ukraine, is a country in Eastern Europe. Excluding Crimea .... The state soon fragmented as the relative importance of regional powers rose again. After a final resurgence under the rule of Vladimir II Monomakh ...


Europe is often divided into regions based on geographical, cultural or historical criteria. .... A group of former Soviet Eastern European countries cooperating with the EU: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.


... Dnipropetrovsk Kherson Simferopol Donetsk Luhansk Zaporizhzhya Sevastopol Kyiv. Autonomous Republic of Crimea · Cherkasy Region · Chernihiv Region.


on regional security and European security more broadly. In an important ... reincorporation of Ukraine into Russia or a Russian-dominated security system.


Sep 12, 2018 ... Kharkiv, the name of Ukraine's second-biggest city and the surrounding region, has a collective population of almost 2.7 million people.


​Set up in 2015 by the European Committee of the Regions, the Ukraine Task Force aims to intensify bilateral relations and provide both political and technical  ...


The aim of the workshop will be to present the regional development policies that are currently being put in place in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and ...


Nov 26, 2018 ... Ukraine's parliament has taken one of its most significant decisions in years, resolving to impose martial law for the first time since 1945 in the ...


IREX's programs in Ukraine enable critical flows of information and bridge the ... media sustainability and rapidly changing information spaces in Europe and ...