The foods of the Native Americans are widely consumed and their culinary skills still enrich ... Jerusalem Artichoke, North America, Raw or cooked, Probiotic fiber, minerals, B vitamins ... There were numerous regional tribes with distinct diets, customs, and ... Map of USA depicting the location of major Native American tribes.


Most Indian groups living in the Great Lakes region for the last five centuries are ... This includes such present-day Wisconsin tribes as the Menominee, Ojibwe, and ... In many parts of the Great Lakes -- particularly northern Wisconsin -- Indians ... His failure to find gold or silver reduced French interest in North America but, ...


Interactives -- United States History Map, Pick another interactive: ... Many distinct Indian tribes originally inhabited each of the regions that are now part of the country. ... Discover more about the major Indian tribes that lived in North America ...


A list of nearly all Federal and State Recognized American Indian Tribes and their ... Select from the list below, the region where your tribe is located, these are a list of ... is the term that applies to all Native Americans that once lived in North America. ... today they only account for 1.4 percent of the United States population.


The Native Americans settled in different regions in the country and formed independent tribes with ... MAJOR NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES OF THE USA .... Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, and South Dakota experienced the greatest growth.


The Northeast region of the United States is where you live! ... They were part of a group of many different tribes of Native Americans called the Iroquois League.


Before Europeans settled North America, Native American tribes lived in five major parts ... played an important dietary role in the Northeast and Pacific regions.


Tribal Nations & the United States: An Introduction · Demographics · Regional Profiles · Tribal Directory ... Tribal Nations and the United States: An Introduction - Launch in Web View ... Tribes and the American Family of Governments ... and Alaska Natives are members of the original Indigenous peoples of North America .


The Library of Congress uses “Indians of North America” as a subject heading. ... This site includes tribal information for both the United States and Canada. .... for Indians living on reservations or in geographically isolated regions and to ...