African music traditions exhibit so many common features that they may in some respects be thought of as constituting a single musical system. While some African music is clearly contemporary-popular music and some is art-music, ... In many parts of Africa the use of music is not limited to entertainment: it serves a purpose ...


The traditional music of Africa, given the vastness of the continent, is historically ancient, rich ... The region's art music has for centuries followed the outline of Arabic and Andalusian classical music: its popular contemporary genres include the ...


The need for providing Western musical entertainment for colonial officials and .... to the widening of regions in which indigenous musical traditions overlap, while ... the division between traditional, popular, and art music in sub-Saharan Africa.


Thus, some African art has value as entertainment; some has political or ... The combination of music, dance, dress, and bodily ornamentation—as well as ... to attribute particular African art objects to particular places, regions, or periods.


Music. SA Music Awards. SA Traditional Music Achievement Awards .... The main purpose of the NAB is to procure and curate South African art works and to ... provides the best in homegrown and overseas entertainment in September. .... to major regional galleries such as the South African National Gallery in Cape Town , ...


The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre to ... festivities, all kinds of entertainment as well as many other social functions.


The region is also home to the largest collection of African-American art and ... Detroit Symphony Orchestra under the musical direction of Leonard Slatkin.


Early encounters with Europeans were often recorded in African art. ... cabinets ( collections of rare or unusual objects compiled for study and/or entertainment). ... They did not divide the continent by cultural or tribal region, but instead created ...


Sean Watson, managing director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, says: "The forecasts ... as they are at the cutting edge of artist development in the region.