Art. African art reflects the diversity of African cultures. The oldest existing art from Africa are ... The music of Africa is one of its most dynamic art forms. ... Many forms of American media and entertainment are popular, if not dominant in Canada; ...


Hence one can speak of the Yoruba variety of African music, the Akan, the Ewe, the ... cultures, but also in their arts, which now constitute the heritage of modern Africa. ... The use of similar musical patterns or terms extends beyond regional ..... The need for providing Western musical entertainment for colonial officials and ...


The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre to ... festivities, all kinds of entertainment as well as many other social functions.


... Nigeria: Queen Moremi the Musical As December Treat(This Day) · Nigeria: Disney Africa Honours 90 Years of Mickey Mouse On DStv and Gotv(This Day) ...


Oct 27, 2016 ... Africa's entertainment and media (E&M) sector—especially in Nigeria, ... with hip hop artist Drake recently became Spotify's most streamed song ever, ... aged under 24 years—the youngest population of any region globally.


Music. SA Music Awards. SA Traditional Music Achievement Awards ... Cover page of Arts and culture chapter in Pocket guide to South Africa ..... According to the Seventh South African Edition of PwC's South African Entertainment and .... major regional galleries such as the South African National Gallery in Cape Town , the ...


The music of Africa is as vast and varied as the continent's many regions, ..... The treatment of "music" and "dance" as separate art forms is a European idea.


Sean Watson, managing director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, says: "The forecasts ... as they are at the cutting edge of artist development in the region.


Thus, some African art has value as entertainment; some has political or ... The combination of music, dance, dress, and bodily ornamentation—as well as ... to attribute particular African art objects to particular places, regions, or periods.