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The media in Belgium is characterized by its diversity due to the linguistic divide in the country. ... Radio and television regulation are regional competencies. ... Major newspapers and magazines in Belgium are printed monolingual either in Dutch ... Belgium", Medialandscapes.org, Netherlands: European Journalism Centre ...


This list contains the Belgian television channels that are broadcast either terrestrially (DVB-T), ... Actua TV, Actua TV BVBA, political news channel, Dutch, Cable networks in ... ATV, Regional television of the Antwerp area, Dutch, Cable networks in ... Sport10, Lint Media, Sport channel, Dutch, Cable networks in Flanders, ...


Belgium's media landscape—and position in European leadership—is not ..... As a result, many Belgians know their regional news and programs yet face limited ...


... its role as capital of Belgium and administrative heart of the European Union, ... Regional French-speaking press ... With its television news programme and its reporting, BX1 (formerly Télé ... Rue Gabrielle Petit 32, 1080 Brussels (Belgium)


Instant News Services is your one-stop-shop for newsgathering and ... From the communication and media support angle, giving clients tools to explain ... reporting, presenting and producing mostly for European TV channels. ... INS was shooting for the television program 'Kijk Uit' at the Belgian coast about the coastal tram.


Frame will house the regional television channel BX1, screen.brussels, the IHECS ... Frame, incidentally, will be the first Belgian public/private/academic .... and building Media House in Brussels automatically reinforces the European ...


regional broadcasting across Europe for the benefit of all audiences. .... commercial TV and radio broadcasters many national newspapers are also thriving.


Nov 2, 2017 ... competitive media markets across Europe use PSM as news sources ... public media in the TV and radio market in the countries ... stations, while Estonia, Belgium, Portugal and Israel have the fewest. ... Radio (regional). TV ...


Commercial broadcasters welcome European Parliament's decision to ... are professional media companies that focus on quality of news and reliability. This .