Television in Croatia was first introduced in 1956. As of 2012 there are 10 nationwide and 21 ... Television in Croatia, as all other media in the country are criticised for lack of ... opera, music performances and the first TV news broadcast in Croatia. ... The territory of Croatia was split into nine digital-TV allotment regions.


... prevails, radio and television have come to be the ultimate media sources. ... Croatia was among the first countries in Central and Eastern Europe to .... Radio Sljeme began broadcasting in the Zagreb region. ... Radio Zagreb 1 began broadcasting around the clock and new TV studios were opened in Rijeka and Osijek.


Region (Map name):, Europe ... The media in Croatia are delivering news and commentary to a highly educated, literate population that values news and debate ...


Mar 13, 2017 ... Notes on the media in Croatia as well as links to broadcasters and newspapers. ... Public TV is still the main source of news and information, but HRT is losing audience share and privately-owned Nova TV ... In the newspaper sector, there are six national and four regional dailies. ... Europe country profiles ...


Aug 13, 2018 ... Media Daily, a website which covers media in South East Europe, has ... Croatia's NOVA TV is the second largest TV company in the region, ...


The Croatian Radio Television, the public broadcasting company, operates several radio and ..... The private broadcaster Nova TV (owned by Central European Media .... This regional TV station is based in Rijeka from where it airs news, ...


8 Croatian Regional and Local TV Stations . ..... The private broadcaster Nova TV (owned by Central European Media Enterprises) with. 4 channels and total ... Croatia, closing in on Dnevnik HRT (Daily News of HRT), its main competitor.


New Europe Market. ... NEM not only connects content sellers & buyers, it is the event for TV industry key ... Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News ... mostly with local production and it pointed out that the CEE region is missing quality scriptwriters ... esteemed speakers talking about the newest trends in the media industry!


Croatia's media landscape is in a state of transition, from state-controlled media ... ously own a national broadcast license and a daily newspaper with a circula- ... Croatian radio and television (HRT), the legal status, the organization, the .... At the last count, 16 stations held regional and 126 held local licenses (as of.