Media in the Netherlands – television, radio, newspapers, magazines – are characterised by a .... There are also several local and regional newspapers. ... News; "Media Landscapes: Netherlands", Medialandscapes.org, Maastricht: European ...


Newspapers were introduced in this part of Europe in the early seventeenth .... The Netherlands also has a large number of regional and local papers that place  ...


The Dutch media are going digital at a rapid pace. ... Most national broadcast organizations merged with a former competitor: regional ... high circulation of newspapers and magazines, moderate TV viewing (compared to other ... Free Press Unlimited; International Committee of the Red Cross; European Journalism Centre ...


Press and Public Relations – Alison Hindhaugh, alison.hindhaugh@coe.int ... concerning regional audiovisual media in Europe and to serve as a first ... television in Europe from a market perspective, with country by country data on ... The selected countries – Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland.


The Netherlands, a relatively small country in the north-west of Europe, has a little ... The largest national and regional newspaper publishers have a partnership to ... For radio and television the three largest distributors are Ziggo ( 33%), KPN ...


MEDIA CONCENTRATION AND OWNERSHIP IN TEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ... Dutch government the Commissariaat voor de Media (Dutch Media Authority) has ... cover the national and regional press, radio and television sectors.


Finally, in the Netherlands one company owns almost all daily newspapers. ... In addition, media governance in Europe does not only have national and regional ... The introduction of cable, satellite and digital radio and television stations and  ...


News media made by and for the two largest racial/ethnic minority groups in ... regional radio and television stations comprise the U.S. public media system. ... Next highest is the Netherlands (75%), followed by some of America's ... Across 10 European nations, a median of 51% say they follow news about America closely.


Mass media in Belarus: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, news agencies, ... the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. ... biggest news agency, having the correspondent network in all the regions of the ... Radio Unistar (Belarusian-German media project), Europe plus and others.