The media of Russia refers to mass media outlets based in the Russian Federation. The media of Russia is diverse, with a wide range of broadcast and print outlets available to the consumers. Television, magazines, and newspapers are all operated by both ..... Regional television is relatively popular in Russia, and according to a 2005 ...


Television is the most popular medium in Russia, with 74% of the population watching national television channels routinely and 59% routinely watching regional channels. ... The law regulates relations between mass media and citizens and/or ... The NTV Russia news company, owned by Gazprom, broadcasts the NTV ...


Discover the most extensive Russia newspaper and news media guide on the internet. ... Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty · Radio Mayak ... RUS RUS, TV TV Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio TV TV TV TV TV Radio TV ... Russia Region Press


Apr 25, 2017 ... Television is the most powerful sector of the Russian media industry. ... TV - Moscow-based commercial station with strong regional network, ...


Sep 3, 2018 ... An excerpt from Russia's new TV show on the weekly activities of Vladimir Putin - video ... Other critics expressed disbelief that state media could find more space for coverage of ... The programme also featured footage of Putin's recent holiday in Tuva, a remote region in Siberia. ... Russia · Europe · news.


Provides an overview, key facts and history of this Russian republic which was the ... the autonomous region is now firmly under the control of its Russian- appointed ... the pro-Moscow leader and his government of suppressing media and other ... TV is the most popular medium and local broadcasts fall under state control.


Oct 16, 2017 ... The BBC's offer on the Russian media scene has received a major ... as its innovative formatArtyom Liss, Europe Region Editor, BBC World ...


Understand the nature of Russian propaganda on social media. • Identify pro- Russia ..... attributed TV and news website content to far-right blogs and web- sites (with unclear ... (EU), and NATO efforts to counter Russian influence in the region.


Apr 24, 2018 ... Russian domestic television - the only source of foreign news for most ... of Europe in Russian Media', to illustrate how Russian state-controlled media ... 2015, most Russians get news from federal and regional TV channels, ...