The culture of Europe is rooted in the art, architecture, film, different types of music, literature, .... The social context of Greek art included radical political developments and a great increase in prosperity; the ... art developed into various schools of Early Medieval art in Western Europe which are normally classified by region, ...


for tenders launched by the European Economic and Social Committee. ..... regional and national leaders intending to justify their cultural strategies and ...


Dec 19, 2018 ... The EU works to preserve Europe's shared cultural heritage and to ... research, social policy, regional development and external relations.


Jan 4, 2012 ... Arts and Music, Geography, Human Geography, Social Studies, Economics, World .... Europe's cultural products also help unify the region.


Across Europe's regions and cities, culture is highly valued by residents and ... in culture to create jobs, promote social inclusion, and transform their image.


The emergence of a Community action in favour of European culture was ..... through the European Fund for Regional Development, the European Social Fund ...


By 1500 the population in most areas of Europe was increasing after two ... in the many other transformations—social, political, and cultural—of the early modern ... late periods of the 17th century to a “general crisis” in many European regions.


This €1 million project funded under the Creative Europe programme (DG EAC) aims to ... cultural heritage as a driver for economic growth and social inclusion.


What differentiates Europeans from Americans: the cultural gap across the Atlantic ... Both are much rarer in Europe, hardly ever seen in many regions. ... even though some made their way to Europe, at least in some countries or social circles, ...