The economy of the United Kingdom is highly developed and market-oriented. It is the ... Of the world's 500 largest companies, 26 are headquartered in the UK. ... There are significant regional variations in prosperity, with South East England and .... The UK recorded weaker growth than many other European nations in the  ...


The United Kingdom's culture is influenced by its history as a developed state, a liberal ... Under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, the UK .... British children's literature was celebrated in the opening ceremony of the ..... London visual effects company The Mill produced the computer-generated ...


UK high street fashion store offering clothing for men and women. ... Clothes for men, women and children from London-based mail-order firm; ... Business clothing for both men and women including shirts, ties, suits, coats, knitwear and acc…


United Kingdom - Economy: The United Kingdom has a fiercely independent, ... companies often choose the United Kingdom as their European base. ... in the heavily industrialized regions of the West Midlands, northern England, .... printing , and publishing; metals and minerals; and textiles, clothing, footwear, and leather.


Guide to Britian (UK) and the British people, culture, society, language, business and social etiquette, manners, protocol and useful information.


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The United Kingdom consists of a collection of islands which are located off the ... is 11.76 births per 1,000 people and the fertility rate is 1.76 children born for each woman. ... Many regions of Northern Ireland and areas of Scotland remain essentially rural. ... There are 1,500 aerospace companies in the United Kingdom .


United Kingdom supports international efforts to promote human and economic ... Countries and regions. X .... A founding member of the World Bank, the United Kingdom supports multilateral efforts to promote human and economic .... Related. Office of the Executive Director for United Kingdom · World Bank in Europe · U.K. ...


England is also a culture of many smaller regionalisms, still centered on the old ... Local products, such as ale, and regional rituals and art forms, such as Morris ... of the main island of the British Isles and lies off the northwestern coast of Europe , .... Antiracism legislation and the improving economy have lessened public and  ...