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The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of Canada. At a land area of approximately .... This immense region comprised all of today's Canada except that which was encompassed ... In 1906, the Parliament of Canada renamed the " North-West Territories" as the Northwest Territories, dropping all hyphenated forms of it.


Northern Canada, colloquially the North, is the vast northernmost region of Canada variously defined by geography and politics. Politically, the term refers to three territories of Canada: Yukon, Northwest ... This region was heavily involved in the North American fur trade during its peak importance, and is home to many Métis ...


The North of Canada consists of three territories: Yukon, the Northwest territories ... members of other native First Nations; see Indigenous cultures of North America. ... on Earth and even the vast majority of Canadians will never visit the region.


In Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, for instance, the month of ... of the northernmost region of North America, naming the vast territory Rupert's  ...


Northwest Territories, region of northern and northwestern Canada, encompassing ... extremities of the country, across the roof of the North American continent.


North America ... Although the Northwest Territories did not become a Canadian province in 1867, they did become part of the new nation. ... and Nunavut, as well as large parts of Labrador, British Columbia, northern Ontario, and northern Québec. ... Music is equally important in the region, from the sacred prayer songs  ...


Jul 1, 2012 ... Victoria. North. Nunavut; Northwest Territories; Yukon Territory ... is the most easterly point in North America and has its own time zone.


May 18, 2011 ... The NWT includes three main regions: the Arctic Archipelago to the north, ... The lower Mackenzie Valley is within the Northern boreal woodland area, .... part, a journey finally completed by the American R.E. Peary in 1909.


Dec 19, 2014 ... ​The Northwest Territories (NWT) entered Confederation in 1870 after ... People first occupied the Arctic region of North America around 6,000 ...