This is a list of some of the regions in the United States. Many regions are defined in law or ..... Delaware Valley also known as "Above the Canal" (referring to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal). "Slower ... The Bluegrass, in the north-central part of the state, where the bedrock is of ..... Regions of the Boy Scouts of America .


Delaware is one of the 50 states of the United States, in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern region. It is bordered to the south and ...


The Northeastern United States, also referred to as simply the Northeast, is a geographical region of the United States bordered to the north by Canada, ... The US EPA and NOAA include in their Northeast Region: Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia. ... Most did not settle in North America until the 17th century.


Delaware is a state located on the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Delaware was one of the 13 original states participating in the ...


Jan 10, 2011 ... and Delaware border the Atlantic Ocean. Pacific States ... the dividing line between free (Northern) states and ... continental North America.


Dec 7, 2018 ... Delaware, constituent state of the United States of America. ... between agricultural downstate Delaware and the northern industrial region.


The South, region, southeastern United States, generally though not ... As defined by the U.S. federal government, it includes Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the ... the American Revolution (1775–83) and about 1830, the North, spurred by the ...


Apr 29, 2014 ... Ask 10 people what states are in the South and you'll get 10 ... While this debate happens about every region of the country, it's in defining the boundaries of the South ... The Confederate States of America is the other common way that ... North Carolina, Virginia and arguably West Virginia and Oklahoma.".


Jan 3, 2012 ... A map gallery showing a commonly described regions in the United States. A map with and without state abbreviations is included.