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This is a list of some of the regions in the United States. Many regions are defined in law or .... 1: West Virginia along with counties of Pennsylvania and New York State not mentioned above. ... North Louisiana-Arkansas: Arkansas and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama not ..... Regions of the Boy Scouts of America.


Feb 26, 2018 ... What region of the United States is your state located within? ... Mid-Atlantic States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, ... The U.S. is part of North America, bordering both the northern Atlantic ...


New Jersey is a state found in the nation of United States. It is home to ... New Jersey gained its current status as a state in the year 1787. ... Region Type, State.


New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north by New York, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean  ...


Jan 3, 2012 ... A common way of referring to regions in the United States is grouping them into 5 regions according to their geographic position on the ...


Oct 5, 2018 ... New Jersey, constituent state of the United States of America. One of the original 13 states, it is bounded by New York to the north and northeast, ... extensive in the world, and it weaves the state into the fabric of the region by ...


Although the most densely populated state in the nation, New Jersey is well ... is on the east coast of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America. ... fifth -largest cathedral in North America) and the Newark Museum- the state's largest.


Kids learn about the geograhical regions of the United States including the northeast, ... Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, ... Major geographical features: Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes, borders on Canada to the north ... American Revolution


The North, region, northern United States, historically identified as the free states that ... Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, ... American Civil War: Comparison of North and South.