This is a list of some of the regions in the United States. Many regions are defined in law or .... 1: West Virginia along with counties of Pennsylvania and New York State not mentioned above. .... The Bluegrass, in the north-central part of the state , where the bedrock is of Ordovician ..... Regions of the Boy Scouts of America.


The Northeastern United States, also referred to as simply the Northeast, is a geographical region of the United States bordered to the north by Canada, .... Most did not settle in North America until the 17th century. ... Penn strongly desired access to the sea for his Pennsylvania Province and leased what then came to be ...


Jan 10, 2011 ... Pennsylvania from Maryland and part of West Virginia, as well as ... the dividing line between free (Northern) states and ... North America.


The North, region, northern United States, historically identified as the free states ... Soon after the American Revolution, slavery disappeared in all states north of the Mason and Dixon Line, the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland.


Feb 26, 2018 ... What region of the United States is your state located within? ... original 13 as the nation expanded across the North American continent and acquired ... Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.


May 7, 2018 ... The United States is home to several different regions and subregions, ... Luckily, we have the US Census Bureau, which has classified American regional ... Island , Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. ... The East North Central division of the Midwest begins at Ohio and stretches west .


May 1, 2015 ... It was the first fighting of the American Revolution. ... The Northeast is also the richest region of the United States. .... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, midway between the northern and southern colonies, was home to the U.S. ...


Kids learn about the geograhical regions of the United States including the northeast, ... Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, ... Major geographical features: Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes, borders on Canada to the north ... American Revolution


Census Regions and Divisions of the United States ... *Prior to June 1984, the Midwest Region was designated as the North Central Region. ... Pennsylvania ( 42).