The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM/ AFofM) is a ... In the US, it is the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)—and in Canada, the Canadian ... The AFM is affiliated with AFL–CIO, the largest federation of Unions in the United States; and the Canadian Labour Congress, the ...


Not in the US? Country ... Opt in to updates from AFM - American Federation of Musicians ... Representing 3,000 members, AFM was granted a charter by the American Federation of Labor (AFL). ... Many of us standing together are more powerful than any of us standing alone. ... Site designed and developed by Social Ink [+].


They formed Mutual Aid Societies to provide members with loans, financial ... invitation of American Federation of Labor (AFL) President Samuel Gompers ... 424 Locals, and represented 45,000 musicians throughout North America. The AFM Today. Every day, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and ...


American Federation of Musicians Local 47 serves to promote and protect the ... Formed by and for Los Angeles musicians in 1897, our members united together to ... 424 Locals and represents 85,000 musicians throughout North America. ... at home and abroad to champion social and economic justice for all workers.


Journal of the Society for American Music (2007) Volume 1, Number 2, pp. ... US labor movement, mirrored in the musicians' union, forced blacks to organize separately and ... about fifty so-called “colored locals” in the country.1 As in many US cities, the ... Segregated unions in the AFM were hardly unique to San Francisco.


ancient societies, along with that of making war and causingfamine. -Jacques Attali ... of the local Las Vegas American Federation of Musicians (AFM) chap-. Tim Anderson is ... in Sound: Cultural-Material Issues in American Recorded Music and Sound, ..... Interstate Commerce in the U.S. Senate held three days of hearings.


American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, Local ... and integrated new Social Security and labor laws and regulations into its practices. ... Local 36 - 665 continued to represent musicians in the Topeka region until 8 ..... AFM had placed the Mid-America Fair Association on the “unfair list” when they ...


Nov 16, 2017 ... 807-831 North Vine Street; 808-820 Lillian Way; 5901 West Waring Avenue ... the American Federation of Musicians Local 47. Labor unionization in Los Angeles began in the 1870s, involving mostly skilled ... or sites in which the broad cultural, economic, or social history of the nation, State or community.


Actors' Equity Association (“Equity"), founded in 1913, is the U.S. labor union that ... art of live theatre as an essential component of society and advances the careers .... NAPAMA is the association of North American Performing Arts Managers and ..... The Canadian Federation of Musicians [CFM] (formerly referred to as AFM.