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6 Oceania; 7 References. Africa[edit]. Main article: Culture of Africa. Art. African art reflects the diversity of African cultures. The oldest existing art from Africa are ... The music of Africa is one of its most dynamic art forms. ... Many forms of American media and entertainment are popular, if not dominant in Canada; conversely, ...


The arts of music and dance are often intertwined in these cultures, and so they are ... the “Big Man” sociopolitical structure found in many parts of the region. .... there were songs for entertainment and expression of individual sentiments or ...


Oceanic musical instruments include many of the broad categories familiar in the West, such as ... in contexts ranging from the most important religious rites to secular entertainment. ... Flutes are made in all regions of Oceania except Australia.


Oceania into four regions: Polynesia, the ..... used today mainly for entertainment. On. Pingelap .... a book of poems dated 1576, shows an art music tradi- ?*


Jan 4, 2012 ... Oceania is a region made up of thousands of islands throughout the .... The arts are another unifying cultural practice in Australia and Oceania. ... expressions of Pacific-wide culture, focusing on traditional song and dance. ..... the industry ( including food, hotels, and entertainment) of traveling for pleasure.

Sep 26, 2018 ... Our exhibition 'Oceania' celebrates the dazzling and diverse art of the region, which covers a third of the world's surface. Ahead of the ...


Feb 22, 2009 ... Entertainment ... Noses are not the point of “Oceanic Art: A Celebration of Form,” an ... the works of art that come out of [the region's] inherently fragile, ... baskets, ceramic containers, musical instruments, canoe ornaments, ...


A Niu Oceania: Revisiting Our Sea of Islands. ... Reflections on USP's Role in Regional Development. ... UU204 Student Presentation; MUSIC Social Classes.


The Cambridge History of World Music - edited by Philip V. Bohlman December 2013. ... This singular geography accounts for the region's predominantly maritime .... music making, but the painting is also significant because European artists .... The apparently peaceful and diverting entertainment gave form to a vicious ...