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How many people can own the business? How easy is it to transfer ownership? Learn the answers to these questions for S-corporations, C-corporations, & LLCs.


Find out the difference between an LLC and a Corporation. Decide how to set up your business's legal structure. With Rocket Lawyer's business legal help, you can get all the answers.


Apr 8, 2017 ... Corporations vs. LLC's - Tax Differences. Corporations and LLCs are different in how they are taxed. Because corporations are separate entities, they are taxed at the corporate rate, while LLCs are taxed based on Adjusted Gross Income of the owners. Here is an example: A corporation has a profit of ...


Which is a better entity, a Delaware corporation or LLC? We help you compare the benefits of forming a Delaware corporation vs LLC. The main differences are governance structure, federal taxation and the level of privacy. |Form a Delaware LLC or corporation online today.


LLCs are the best structure for most entrepreneurs. Sole Proprietorships offer no protection. Corporations are complex and subject to double taxation...