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Regnum Christi is an international Catholic Movement. It is open to all lay Catholics and in addition has three consecrated branches the Legion of Christ ( Seminarians and priests), consecrated women, and consecrated men. Regnum Christi is dedicated to promoting the Catholic faith. Their motto is "Love Christ, Serve ...


The Regnum Christi Consecrated Men are a branch of the Regnum Christi movement made up of lay men who dedicate themselves full-time to apostolate. They live consecrated life in the Church within the lay state. They were formed on April 13, 1975 by Marcial Maciel with Álvaro Corcuera (who later became the general ...


Regnum Christi is the secular group of the Legionarios of Christ congregation. We follow Christ's teaching and proclaim the Kingdom of God.


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We work in Regnum Christi schools around the world, with the mission of helping our students graduate as strong Christian leaders, convinced of the truth, prepared to establish and foster a Christian society. We teach and offer formation to the students, staff and parents on a personal and group level. Here are some of our ...


North America. Regnum Christi helps people to live their faith deeply and to get involved in works of service that assist people with the hope of bringing them closer to Our Lord.


Nov 28, 2014 ... The following is a letter written by a former Regnum Christi member after having decided to formally leave the Movement. Because there are many real and good fruits of the Regnum Christi, sometimes members do not take the time to reason out some of the bad and illegitimacies that they see and ...


Our Lady of Bethesda is home to the Washington Section of Regnum Christi Movement, an apostolic movement at the service of mankind and the Church. Regnum Christi shares the charism of the priestly congregation, the Legionaries of Christ. Regnum Christi is precisely this: a movement for apostolate, a movement for ...


Jul 7, 2015 ... Since the first group of laypeople joined Regnum Christi in Spain in 1968, followed by the addition of consecrated women and men, the apostolic movement had seen rapid growth internationally, with a presence in more than 30 countries. However, lay membership is now about half of what it was before ...