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Sherlock Holmes was a detective and forensic scientist combined, using his microscope and test tubes to analyze blood, fibers and other findings from London ...


Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a forensic scientist. Get a quick view of the requirements, including degree programs, job duties ...


Forensic science has become an integral part of the justice system, with forensic ... Although requirements for entry-level or trainee work in one of the forensic ...


Read more to learn what types of skills people who work as forensic scientists have and how to become a part of the fast growing and exciting field.


A career guide for becoming a forensic science technician including requirements, common tasks, and salary.


A bachelor's degree – get a degree in science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) ... anthropologist, or pathologist require advanced degrees and specialized ...


A:To become a forensic scientist, you must have at least a bachelor level degree in ...


Discover what it takes to be a Forensic scientist. ... they don't all provide the skills and knowledge required to work as a forensic scientist, so check ... With further experience you could go on to become a casework examiner, responsible for ...


How to Become a Forensic Scientist. Forensic ... chemistry, medical technology, or genetics, is required in order to obtain an entry-level job in forensic science.