Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Gamboa et al v. Ford Motor Company et al, case number 2:18-cv-10106, from Michigan Eastern Court.


Harry Dation presented his claim against Ford Motor Company, employer, for compensation for disability ... 1940, 1943, § 8408 et seq., Stat. ... Smith v. Wilson Foundry Machine Co., 296 Mich. 484; Flanigan v. ... 17.190), which in terms requires that all questions raised under the act shall be determined by the department.


All persons who purchased or leased in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a new ... from Ford Motor Company, Inc., either at the time of the purchase or lease, ...... ET AL., FEDERAL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE § 1764, at 247 (1986)).


applying the burden-shifting framework of McDonnell-Douglas Corp. v. ... the basis of her race, in violation of the Michigan Civil Rights Act. MCL 37.2101 et seq. ... In a letter on Ford Motor Company stationery, plaintiff was informed that she .... defendant intentionally discriminated against the plaintiff remains at all times with ...


Ford Motor Company ... The two leading cases are one in this court applying Indiana law, Evans v. General Motors Corp., 359 F.2d 822 (7th Cir. ..... Frequently circumstances make it impossible to state all the details of the occurrence with ...


The contemporary quality management (QM) literature prescribes various quality improvement strategies. However, it lacks scientifically developed and tested ...


Apr 30, 1998 ... ... [0,1] or zero width intervals; and ease of use, whether by tables, software or formulae. Seven methods for the single proportion are evaluated ...


Ford JH, Foster SA, Stauffer VL, Ruff DD, Aurora SK, Versijpt J ..... Preference for a prefilled syringe or an auto-injection device for delivering ...... Known-group validity of patient-reported outcome instruments and ...... Christopher Zipp, Jessica Terrone Roehr, Lucia Beck Weiss, et al .... Susannah McLean, Aziz Sheikh.