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Arthur Grundhoefer, Leonard Hausman, et al., Defendants,richard E. O'connell, As Trustee in Bankruptcy for Hausmancomputer Associates, Inc., an Intervening ...


Nov 20, 2017 ... Cox v. Hausmann et al. Plaintiff: Matthew Cox. Defendant: Jodie Hausmann, Perkins Local School District Board of Education, Andy Carroll, ...


because they run-up against some new binding constraints (Hausmann et al, 2005). In contrast .... 12. GDP per capita, log scale. Source: WDI .2 .4 .6 .8. 1. 1.2 c on v ers ion fac tor. -15 .... Countries seldom become rich by producing more of.


1 We thank Andrew Berg, Olivier Blanchard, Ejaz Ghani, Ricardo Hausmann, .... country produces and exports matters for growth: “… not all goods are alike in terms .... we explore how the export baskets of rich and fast-growing countries differ ..... manufactures, and services versus their respective sophistication measures.


Keywords: poverty, economic performance, rich countries, business cycle, economic .... We discuss, in order, “traditional” panel-data issues (random vs. fixed effects; multilevel ... effects can and should be tested for using a so-called Hausman test. ..... including both contemporaneous and lagged values (e.g., Burniaux et al.


Low RER versus low domestic fuel prices . ... Even without rigorous calculations, it is obvious that not all resource rich countries failed. ..... Energy, June 2006 5, whereas data on sub-soil assets6 are from Kunte et al (1998). ..... Hausmann, Rodrik, and Velasco (2008) talk about “binding constraints” that hold back economic ...


R&D; (iv) do radical innovation in organization; (v) do product innovation and ... The newly developed product space of Hidalgo et al. ... export rich-country products, and that the measure of economic complexity (EXPY) is a good ... and Hausmann (2009) define diversification as the number of products that a country exports.


Sep 12, 2003 ... Economics is, after all, concerned with aspects of the production, ... those who reflected on the sources of a country's wealth recognized .... Houtthaker 1950, Little 1957, Sen 1971, 1973, Hausman 2011, ... and directing their agents (Coase 1937; Williamson 1985; Mäki et al. ... 2.2 Reasons versus causes.


Sep 8, 2008 ... Ricardo Hausmann, Bailey Klinger, Rodrigo Wagner ..... are important for growth only for relatively rich countries. Then you can interact ...... Mincerian returns to education vs. years of schooling of the labor force, 2001. ARG. BOL ...... appropriability through unionization in South Africa, Banerjee et al. (2006) ...