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Using the product space, Hausmann and Klinger (2007) argue that countries ... Becoming a rich country is about being able to earn higher real wages. In the same vein as Hidalgo et al. (2007), Sutton argues that some economic activities are more lucrative than ...... (v) High-core countries in the HPR_HPA cell: Finland.


Nov 4, 2016 ... The final dataset has data for 114 countries, which is based on the sample of exporter countries used in Hausmann et al. (2011), excluding ... Natural resource rich countries tend to be outliers in the income per capita versus concentration of exports relationship (Bahar and Santos, 2016). How would these ...


1 We thank Andrew Berg, Olivier Blanchard, Ejaz Ghani, Ricardo Hausmann, Bernard Hoekman, Homi Kharas,. Susanna Lundstrom Gable ..... we explore how the export baskets of rich and fast-growing countries differ from those of LICs and SSA, in terms of their ..... Source: Gwartney et al. (2010). The index is based on the ...


United States of America, Plaintiff, v. Arthur Grundhoefer, Leonard Hausman, et al ., Defendants,richard E. O'connell, As Trustee in Bankruptcy for Hausmancomputer Associates, Inc., an Intervening Party,plaintiff.richard E. O' connell, Claimant-appellant, v. Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation, Appellee, 916 F.2d 788 (2d Cir.


Sep 14, 2006 ... Rich versus King. 9/14/2006. Page 15 of 45 type of entrepreneur-specific human capital is “leadership experience,” defined as “experience in managing and directing employees.” (Bruderl, Preisendorfer et al. 1992:229) For entrepreneurs, such general-management experience influences the strategies ...


Faculty Research Working Paper Series. Ricardo Hausmann. Harvard Kennedy School and. Center for International Development (CID), Harvard University. Brad Cunningham ..... because they run-up against some new binding constraints ( Hausmann et al, 2005). In contrast ..... grow faster than those that are “too rich” for .


Low RER versus low domestic fuel prices . ... supporting the “resource curse” thesis and effects that may inhibit growth in resource rich economies. Several recent papers, however (Alexeev and Conrad, 2005; ..... Energy, June 2006 5, whereas data on sub-soil assets6 are from Kunte et al (1998). Overall, we consider five.


Nov 5, 2010 ... eightfold (Sinnott et al 2010). Still other countries have moved .... vertical policy is probably inevitable for resource-rich countries seeking to diversify, including for the reasons that (i) ... import-substitution, especially in favor of heavy industry, versus market-friendly “comparative advantage following” (CAF) ...


lerton and Rogers 1993; Leeper and Sims 1994; Altig et al. 2001). The link ... Hausman 1984; Bernheim and Scholz 1993; Hubbard, Skinner, and ... manent income model with a bequest motive. At each age t, households maximize expected lifetime utility. T. ∗. U(C )D is is. U { E. + (D. J D )V(B ) ,. (1) it t. isJ1 is is. sJt.