Productivity and the Density of Economic Activity. Antonio Ciccone, Robert E. Hall . NBER Working Paper No. 4313 (Also Reprint No. r2052) Issued in April 1993


Productivity and the Density of Economic Activity. By ANTONIO CICCONE AND ROBERT E. HALL*. To explain the large differences in labor productivity across ...


correspondence to Jaison R. Abel (e-mail: jaison.abel@ny.frb.org). This is a draft ... and Hall, 1996; Ciccone, 2002).1 Recent research examining patterns in wages and firm ...... Carlino, Gerald A., Satyajit Chatterjee, and Robert M. Hunt. 2007.


Antonio Ciccone & Robert E. Hall, 1995. "Productivity and the density of economic activity," Economics Working Papers 120, Department of Economics and ...


E. Borukhov, Oded HochmanOptimum and Market Equilibrium in a Model of a ... Antonio Ciccone, Robert E. HallProductivity and the Density of Economic Activity.


By Antonio Ciccone and Robert Hall; Abstract: To explain the large differences in labor productivity across U.S. states, the authors estimate two models--one ...


Roberto Ciccone is full professor of Economics at the Department of Economics ... of the Board of the Centro Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa”, and he ...


Table 2 shows the relationship between the Ciccone and Hall (1996) index of state-level density and two ..... Ciccone, Antonio, and Robert E. Hall. 2004 [1996].


Robert E. Litan is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in the Economic ...... Entrepreneurship; Ciccone and Papioannou (2007), “Red Tape and. Delayed Entry ...