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Robert Maynard (born 19 September 1684 – 4 January 1751) was a lieutenant and later captain in the Royal Navy. He served as first lieutenant of HMS Pearl, most famous for his part in the defeat of the notorious English pirate Blackbeard in battle. Robert Maynard was made a lieutenant on 14 January 1707. From 1709 he ...


Robert Maynard (born 1962) is an American businessman, who was the co- founder of LifeLock and the founder of Internet America. Maynard was diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder in 2001 and regularly speaks and writes about the subject and the condition. Maynard started his career as the founder of Internet America,  ...


Robert Clyve Maynard (June 17, 1937 – August 17, 1993) was an American journalist, newspaper publisher and editor, former owner of The Oakland Tribune , and co-founder of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education in Oakland, California.


As Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy, he slew Captain Edward Teach a.k.a Blackbeard the Pirate aboard his gunless sloop, the HMS Jane off of the coast of Ocracoke Island (Hyde County), NC on 22 NOV 1718 by the orders of Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood. He was promoted to the rank of ...


Robert Maynard: …British naval force under Lieutenant Robert Maynard, who, after a hard fight, succeeded in killing Blackbeard. The pirate's body was decapitated, and his head was affixed to the end of the bowsprit of his ship.


Only a few days before, Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy had been ordered to find and kill "Blackbeard." Finding him had not been difficult, but it must have occured to Maynard that killing this half-mad monster would not be easy.


Robert has tried numerous medical malpractice cases in D.C., Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


In November 1718, as a contingent of British troops marched overland toward Bath, the two Royal sloops—Ranger and Jane—embarked for North Carolina under command of Lt. Robert Maynard, of the Pearl. Stopping various vessels along the way, Maynard was able to determine where the famous pirate was hiding.


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