Charles Wendell Colson (October 16, 1931 – April 21, 2012) served as Special Counsel to ... In 1948, Colson volunteered in the campaign to re-elect the Governor of Massachusetts, Robert Bradford. After attending Browne ..... "Court Disbars Charles Colson," The Dallas Morning News, June 27, 1974, p. 12A. ^ Jump up to: ...


Charles Colson embodied the very best of what it means to represent Christ in a winsome yet robust way in a contested public square. ... Robert P. George ...


In May l985 I read Colson's book Loving God, listened to the. ... John Frame, John Paul II, Robert Webber, and Helmut Thelicke, for example, are recommended.


It was not until Colson found the landmark 1977 study called The Criminal Personality ... In 2011, Colson, Princeton professor Robert P. George, and Brit Hume ...


Live with a bold and loving faith in the public square. Chuck Colson's life reveals that there is no division between truth and love, between embracing biblical ...


In 2017 retired library science educator Robert Holley, along with Martha Spear, his ... Robert P. Holley, along with Martha Spear, his spouse, believes that creating the ... 5/17/2019Laurie Halse Anderson Joins Colson Whitehead at the FTRF's ...


Robert Benne. Institute of .... John Stonestreet. President, Colson Center for Christian Worldview ... Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George; Public Discourse.


Formed in 1965 by partners Norman Finkel and Robert F. Martwick, the firm became Finkel Martwick & Colson in 1985 with addition of partner William P. Colson.


Dec 16, 2009 ... Robert P. George, a Princeton University professor of jurisprudence and a ... Watergate felon Chuck Colson, who helped initiate the meeting.