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Jan 1, 2011 ... Russell K. Robinson, Masculinity as Prison: Sexual Identity, Race, and Incarceration, 99 Cal. L. Rev. 1309 (2011) ... not all gay and transgender inmates qualify for admission to the K6G unit. Transgender ..... Within Prisons: Gay Prisoners and Protective Custody, in 2 PRISONERS AND THE LAW 14-3, 14-8.


The article focuses on the masculinity issues at the Los Angeles County Men's Jail in California. It mentions the segregation of gay and transgender prisoners from straight inmates to avoid possible sexual assault. ... Russell K. Robinson, Masculinity as Prison: Sexual Identity, Race, and Incarceration, 99 Cal. L. Rev.


OFFENSE. INMATE USE OF TELEPHONE. BOP INITIATED (b). US v. Steven Girard Szili, et al, 1985, Conspiracy to distr marijuana, operating a continuing criminal enterprise, While serving a federal drug ... US v. Russell Bradely Marks, 1992, Tampering with witness, D used phones to solicit the murder of a federal witness.


I am grateful to all of the teachers and classmates whose insights about ... 1. Robinson v. California, 370 U.S. 660, 667 (1962). 2. Charles W. Carter, What is the Morphine Disease?, 30 J. INEBIIETY 28 (1908), reprinted in DAVID .... William D. Bales et al, Policy Research Bulletin: Substance Abuse Treatment in Prison and.


1923164 Donald Dravell Robinson v. ... Trial court did not err in denying appellant's motion to dismiss his indictment where the 2007 amendment to the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minor Registry .... No error in trial court's finding that appellant possessed a cellular telephone in a jail facility without permission.


Held: Deliberate indifference by prison personnel to a prisoner's serious illness or injury constitutes cruel and unusual punishment contravening the Eighth .... See Robinson v. California, [p102] 370 U.S. 660 (1962). We therefore base our evaluation of respondent's complaint on those Amendments and our decisions ...


Inmate Lookup. Escambia County is currently housing inmates in both the Main Jail and Road Prison, as well as in Santa Rosa County and Walton County. The following location codes allow visitors to determine an inmate's location during incarceration: Facility. ESCO = Jail; CRP = Road Prison. Dorm. CMS = Jail Section ...


Current Inmates. This roster is updated several times a day. Click on an inmate's name to see more information about him or her. Search for: Search. Listing all current inmates. Last updated Friday, April 20, 2018, at 10:27 PM.


00-1228 - Mondragon v. Apfel (02/12/2001) 00-1230 - Bruce v. Satter (08/29/ 2001) 00-1231 - U.S. v. Whitaker (04/12/2001) 00-1236 - Galletta v. Deasy (05/29 /2001) 00-1237 - U.S. v. Cordero (02/14/2001) 00-1238 - U.S. v. Gonzales (12/08/ 2000) 00-1240 - Robinson v. Union Pacific Railroad [P] (04/13/2001) 00-1242 - U.S. ...