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Popular theories abound about alternatives to root canals, but beware: not all of them are effective. Find out more about root canal alternatives, here.


May 3, 2014 ... Root canal treated teeth tend to harbor harmful microbes, which can contribute to many chronic diseases -- here are safer alternatives.


Is extraction the only alternative to a root canal? How can you prevent a root canal? What options other than root canal therapy are available to you? Find out!


Root canal treatment alternatives. | Tooth Extraction | Dental Implants | Dental Bridges | Partial Dentures | Delaying treatment. | Advantages/Disadvantages.


If you're not keen on the idea of a root canal, there is an alternative. Pulp capping can save your tooth from extraction without having to remove dental pulp.


Is root canal treatment painful? AAEorg debunks common myths about root canals, including whether a root canal causes or gets rid of pain - See 3 myths.


Alternatives to root canals do exist! There is natural remedy and the root canal procedure is avoidable.


We then pondered together what our options are if we have an existing root canal , with the article titled “I have a root canal. What are my options?”. The last ...


Jul 18, 2003 ... Painless root canal may sound like an oxymoron, but new techniques are making it a reality for many dental patients. One such technique ...