Many Shoney's locations also offer an all-you-can-eat buffet. ... Corp., an Atlanta- based foodservice operator controlled by Shoney's CEO David Davoudpour.


I went to shoney's In Gadsden -Alabama on 11/24/2017 to have lunch like I always do since I work close to them . This time the customer service was very poor ...


Slim Jim Sandwich For Just $0.70 @ Shoney's Every Monday ..... fell down the stairs of the second balcony at the movie emporium, ending all hopes of romance .


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The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of all informa- tion .... V Real Estate right side lines, 48 and 168 Bott W M Insurance Corp right side ...... 627-1024 CONTRACTORS - CRANE SERVICE 53 E. T. GRESHAM CO., Inc. EST. ..... Across from Shoney's Drive-In OPEN DAILY 'TIL 9 650 CHURCH ST.


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