The rosy boa is a species of snake in the family Boidae. The rosy boa is one of only two species in the boa family native to the United States, the other being the  ...


The rosy boa makes an excellent pet. It is a manageable size, a hardy feeder, easy to breed, and rosy boas are usually very docile and tolerate handling well.


Husbandry Handbook: Rosy Boa - Lichanura trivirgata.


Rosy boas inhabit the American southwest, adjacent Mexico, and Baja California. They are desert dwellers, often living on rocky mountain sides or scrub lands.


The rosy boa, which makes its home in southern California, western Arizona, northern Baja and western Sonora, holds the distinction of being one of the ...


Rosy boas occur in the southwestern United States and in adjacent areas of Mexico, specifically from Hanaupah Canyon (Death Valley area) in California south ...


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This site celebrates the mystique, natural beauty, and diversity of the Rosy Boas that call Baja California home. Baja California is the second longest peninsula ...