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Soured milk is a food product produced by the acidification of milk. Acidification, which gives the milk a tart taste, is achieved either through bacterial ...

Sep 17, 2011 ... Austin is About to drink rotten milk for no reason. ... Stupid kid drinks rotten milk. 66fatninja. Loading... Unsubscribe from 66fatninja? Cancel


Hi, Is it better to say that the milk is stale or rotten when it is not fresh anymore? Thank you.


While somewhat similar in meaning, there are differences. Souring and curdling can be desired outcomes and are, in fact, necessary to the making of certain ...


Jun 15, 2015 ... Sour milk is not necessarily bad, unless it's ultra-pasteurized. There could still be ways of putting it to good use.


Feb 13, 2008 ... pretentious milk that sat too long in the fridge that was not drank quick enough.


Rotten Milk is an item in Mother 3, restoring 10 HP to the character it is used on. It can be...


Rotten Milk Lyrics: What's real muthafucka shit / What's real (and what's real muthafucka) / Well you can call me Milk, Oliver or Don Silk shit (and that's the deal ...


Jul 21, 2016 ... There's no use crying over spoiled milk — because you can still totally use it. We usually toss out milk that's gone sour ASAP, but it turns out we ...