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These directions are actually asking you to round to the nearest hundredth. ... that the hundredths place is two moves from the right of the decimal point.


In this lesson you will learn how to round decimals to the nearest hundredth by using a number line.


Round numbers to thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths and ... Rounding calculator to round numbers up or down to any decimal place. Choose  ...


The instructions say "round to the nearest tenth". First, let's identify the tenth. Keep in mind that there is no "oneths" place, and decimals start at tenths and then ...

Mar 31, 2016 ... Learn how to round decimals to the nearest hundredth.


Learn to use a number line to round 3-digit numbers to the nearest hundred. ... Answer this question. or Cancel. Formatting tips. How do you round decimals.


Guidance, instruction, and examples showing how to round whole numbers to the nearest hundred. Includes a rounding calculator for checking.


When an approximation, rather than an exact number, is required, we use a technique called rounding. We can round numbers to the nearest hundred, ten, one, ...


Practice math problems like Round Decimals to the Nearest Hundredth with fun games for 5th Grade Math. ✓ Easy to Learn ✓ Common Core Alignment.