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tone bias (Brown et al., 1999; Maddox & Gray,. 2002), and subgroup ..... Fiske, Etcoff, & Ruderman, 1978). The results of the ... skin tone in category representation studies and prim- ... ingston, 2001) for low- versus high-prototypic Black.


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May 1, 1990 ... magnetized plasma [Drell et al., 1965; Goldreich and Lynden-Bell,. 1969]. ... magnetic field Bo, a motional EMF, V = (vx Bo)' l, is induced which could drive a current in ...... ously dissipate energy of the prim• cu•cnt circuit. respect to the ...... Drell, S. D., H. M. Foley, and M. A. Ruderman, Drag and propulsion of.