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Fair Fighting Rules for Couples by Dr. Nathan Cobb, Registered Psychologist, Marriage Therapist.


By applying the ten golden rules of argument, we should improve our ability to argue. This is a skill we need to practice and develop.


Topics. What kind of "fighter" are you? What causes conflict? Anger and conflict. Fighting fair to the rescue! Fair fighting: ground rules. Fair fighting: step by step. . . When nothing seems to work. Recommended reading ...


Quarreling with your partner doesn't have to wreck the relationship—in fact, it can actually help. Just follow these expert ground rules.


When working with a couple (or family, or individual) who has toxic arguments, it can be helpful to teach them about fair fighting rules. Be sure to practice in session, and come up with a specific plan for how a couple will implement the rules. Share a copy of this printout for your client to keep at home so they can be reminded ...


Aug 1, 2008 ... Thousands of people have written about fighting fair. Here's a compilation of some fair fighting rules. Resources are available at the bottom. All partners and couples engage in conflict, but the key is resolving conflict without being destructive. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to Fighting Fair. I suggest ...


Aug 31, 2016 ... Five relationship rules you should follow when having an argument with your partner.


10 Rules for Arguing. We can Disagree Agreeably. By Kurt Skelly | June 06, 2014 . Maybe the word argument is too strong. What I'm talking about are those discussions in which your beliefs or strongly held opinions are challenged. By the way, if you find that your ideas are never challenged and your words are always ...


May 22, 2015 ... When arguing with your spouse, talk about how you feel as in, “I feel overwhelmed when I have so much to do around the house,” as opposed to pointing fingers at your spouse with statements like, “You never help around the house.” “You” statements make your spouse feel attacked and shut down the ...