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Kimball Laundry Co. v. United States, 338 U.S. 1 (1949) affirmed the principle set forth in The West River Bridge Company v. Dix et al., 47 U.S. 507 (1848); that is, that intangible property rights are condemnable via the eminent domain power, and that just compensation must be given to the owners of such rights. In this case ...


Cleveland v. United States, 329 U.S. 14 (1946), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that notwithstanding the fact that polygamy is a person's religious belief, the Mann Act prohibits the transportation of women across state lines to participate in polygamy.


See Agnello v. United States, 269 U.S. 20, 30, 46 S.Ct. 4, 5, 70 L.Ed. 145, 51 A.L.R. 409; Harris v. United States, 331 U.S. 145, 150, 151, 67 S.Ct. 1098, 1101, 91 L.Ed. 1399. The reasoning runs .... Mr. Justrice RUTLEDGE concurs in the result, and in the opinion insofar as it relates to the petitioner McDonald. With respect to ...


In the case, the court held that the evidence withheld by government prosecutors in the case did not come within the standards of materiality required under the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Brady v. Maryland such that a reasonable probability existed that, had the evidence been disclosed, the outcome of the trial would ...


328 U.S. 640 (66 S.Ct. 1180, 90 L.Ed. 1489). PINKERTON et al. v. UNITED STATES. No. 719. Argued: May 1, 1946. Decided: June 10, 1946. opinion, DOUGLAS [HTML]; dissent, RUTLEDGE [HTML]. See 67 S.Ct. 26. Mr. John S. Tucker, Jr., of Birmingham, Ala., for petitioners. Mr. W. Marvin Smith, of Washington, D.C., ...


United States, 328 U.S. 781 (1946). American Tobacco Co. v. United States. No. 18. Argued November 7, 8, 1945. Decided June 10, 1946*. 328 U.S. 781. CERTIORARI .... On April 23, 1945, Reynolds, et al., filed a petition for rehearing and enlargement of the scope of review in their case, but it was denied. 3 24 U.S. 891.


Muschany v. United States. No. 31. Argued October 18, 1944. Decided February 5, 1945*. 324 U.S. 49. CERTIORARI TO THE CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS ..... Together with No. 32, Andrews et al. v. United States, also on writ of certiorari to the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. [Footnote 1]. United States v.


No. 554. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. 319 U.S. 190. Argued February 10, 11, 1943. Decided May 10, 1943. Together with No. 555, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. v. United States et al., also on appeal from the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.


Case opinion for US Supreme Court KUSH v. RUTLEDGE. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw. ... United States Supreme Court. KUSH v. RUTLEDGE, ( 1983). No. 81-1675 ... [ Footnote * ] Charles S. Sims filed a brief for the American Civil Liberties Union et al. as amici curiae urging affirmance. JUSTICE STEVENS  ...