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Sep 10, 2014 ... Percutaneous needle aspiration versus catheter drainage in the ..... Yu et al. reported five deaths (four in the PCD group and one in the PNA ...


Mar 30, 2017 ... The name V. fluvialis was proposed later by Lee et al. ... freundii (Liu et al., 2015), Vibrio alginolyticus (Sheng et al., 2012; Salomon et al., 2015) ...


Apr 16, 2015 ... Journal List · Endosc Ultrasound · v.4(2); Apr-Jun 2015; PMC4445170 ... after esophagectomy for locally advanced EC from January 2010 to December 2014 at Shengjing Hospital. ..... Sabharwal T, Morales JP, Irani FG, et al.


Five-brane instantons vs. flux-induced gauging of isometries .... S. Ferrara and S. Sabharwal, Dimensional reduction of type-II superstrings 1989 Class. Quantum Grav. ... I.A. Bandos et al., Covariant action for the super-five-brane of M-theory 1997 Phys. Rev. .... Sheng-Lan Ko et al 2013 Journal of High Energy Physics 2013.


The structure of this crystal was reported by (Prabu et al., 1996) with tiny crystals and the vibrational studies were carried out by (Dammak et al., 2007). ..... using the relation Hv = 1.8544 P/d2 (kg/mm2), where P is the applied load in kg and d is ... W. Xiang-Hui, C. Sheng-Jiang, L. Lin, W. Lin-Rui, H. Bing-Zhong, H. Shu- Jian.


Charulata J. Sabharwal, MD, MPH, Sarah L. Braunstein, PhD, MPH, Rebekkah S. Robbins, MPH, and Colin .... Sabharwal et al. J Acquir ..... with HIV in 2009 in NYC: HIV Surveillance Registry vs. MR Data .... Hu YW, Kinsler JJ, Sheng Z, et al.


Nan-Sheng Cheng, Department of Bile Duct Surgery, West China Hospital, Sichuan University,. No. ..... Yu et al.18 reported five deaths (four in the PCD group and one in .... Gupta SS, Singh O, Sabharwal G, Hastir A. (2011) Catheter drainage.


V. cholerae uses its T6SS to outcompete a variety of Gram-negative bacteria ... V. cholerae ( Pukatzki et al., 2006 ; Ishikawa et al., 2009, 2012 ; Mueller et al. ... gene clusters; however, only one of these is regulated via QS ( Sheng et al., 2012 ). ...... Ishikawa T., Sabharwal D., Bröms J., Milton D. L., Sjöstedt A., Uhlin B. E., Wai ...


Shengjia Zhao. Computer Science Department ... ing approaches (Gomes, Sabharwal, and Selman 2006;. Chakraborty, Meel, and Vardi 2013a; Ermon et al. ..... shatter it. For n, m, f, and ϵ(n, m, q, f) from (Ermon et al. 2014), define: v(q) = q. 2m.