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A good percentage of a building's heat loss is directly attributed to air infiltration. A significant part of this loss can be prevented by using Owens Corning® FoamSealR™ sill plate gasket to fill the gap between the sill plate and foundation wall for a tight, uniform fit. Made of polyethylene foam, FoamSealR™ sill plate gasket is ...


Feb 18, 2015 ... After a transgender woman in the custody of the Georgia Department of Corrections was denied medically necessary treatment and sexually assaulted by other inmates at a men's prison, the SPLC filed a federal lawsuit demanding prison officials provide safe placement for the prisoner and medically ...


Human-specific peptides were ∼10% of all peptides (Supplemental Figure S1A), and overall profiles (Swift et al., 2013a blue right-pointing triangle ,b) compare well to MSC cultures (Figure 2A, iv and v), with a matrix complexity similar to mouse bone rather than mouse skin at the graft site. Of interest, periostin is known to ...


Apr 2, 2015 ... regulation of Rac-1. von Karstedt et al., 2015, Cancer Cell 27, 561–573 ... Owen J . Sansom,3 and Henning Walczak1,*. 1Centre for Cell ...... v e ra g. eF luore sce n ce. L ife tim e. [n s] ns. MMM. mTRAIL-R-Fc. Vehicle. A ve rage. F luo res c e n ce. L ife tim e[n s]. mTRAIL-R-Fc. Vehicle. 55. 40. 40. 35. GAPDH.


Owens Corning® UtiliCore® Fiberglas™ Insulation products are flexible white blankets designed for high temperature commercial and industrial applications.


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Cells expressing MSC markers have been found in many tissues including the synovial membrane and cartilage tissues (Hermida-Gómez et al., 2011). ... and proliferation of multipotent mesenchymal stromal or stem cells (MSCs) in tissue regeneration (Espada et al., 2008; Scaffidi and Misteli, 2008; Hernandez et al., 2010).


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