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(c) A petition for expungement of records must be verified and filed in the court in which the charges were filed, or if no criminal charges were filed, in a court with criminal jurisdiction in the county where the arrest occurred. The petition must set forth: (1) the date of the arrest;. (2) the county in which the arrest occurred;.


PETITION TO SEAL. To: Commissioner of Probation, One Ashburton Place, Rm. 405, Boston, MA 02108. SELECT appropriate box(es). If 1, 2, or 3 are selected, you must sign the corresponding numbered affidavit below. PART A. 1 - 4. Section 100B - Chapter 276. Delinquency (juvenile) cases, all sentence elements of ...


(1) PETITION TO SEAL A CRIMINAL HISTORY RECORD.—Each petition to a court to seal a criminal history record is complete only when accompanied by: (a) A valid certificate of eligibility for sealing issued by the department pursuant to subsection (2). (b) The petitioner's sworn statement attesting that the petitioner: 1.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, any person convicted of a criminal offense may petition the court of conviction for the sealing of the record of arrest, conviction, and sentence when the petitioner has completed all the terms and conditions of the sentence and has been convicted of no more than 2 ...


commercial driver's license, or the operator of a commercial motor vehicle, as defined in § 42-2-402, C.R.S.. COMMON TERMS. ⌦ Petition: Document officially commences the Sealing of Records process. ⌦ Petitioner: The person or persons filing a Petition to Seal Arrest and Criminal Records. ⌦ Person in Interest:.


A request by a confidential name change petitioner to file records under seal may be made under the procedures in this chapter. ... (2) If the petitioner is transmitting the petition on paper, the petitioner must complete and affix to the envelope a completed Confidential Cover Sheet-Name Change Proceeding Under Address ...


Step 2. Prepare record sealing forms (see sample Justice Court or District Court forms) and submit the following: •. •. •. •. •. •. •. Original and 1 copy of Signed Petition (copy is for the DA's office). Original and 1 copy of Signed Order (copy is for the DA's office). Original and 1 copy of Signed Affidavit (attach to back of the Petition).


There □ is □ is not clear and convincing evidence that sealing the record would yield a benefit to Petitioner commensurate with the disadvantages to the public and public safety of: (1) sealing the record; and (2) burdening the court and public authorities to issue, enforce, and monitor an expungement order. {Minn. Stat.


Jan 23, 2017 ... PROCEDURES FOR FILING A. PETITION TO SEAL A CRIMINAL HISTORY RECORD. 1. Fill in your copy of the Petition to Seal, Affidavit, and Order. You will file your Petition with the County Court for Misdemeanors or with the Circuit Court for Felonies. 2. Have the Affidavit notarized – it must be signed in ...