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Aug 17, 1995 ... securities dealer. [SEC v. Edward L. Scherer, et al., Civil Action No. ... NUVEEN VIRGINIA PREMIUM INCOME MUNICIPAL FUND 2 .... ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP, 2201 SEAL BEACH BOULEVARD, SEAL BEACH, ...


Advanced Technologies Group, Ltd., et al. ... Bear, Stearns & Co., and Bear, Stearns Securities Corp. ... Discover Capital Holdings Corp., et al. .... Telephone Information Systems (TIS) Worldwide Lottery Program · Premium Income Corp, et al. ... U - V; Uniprime Capital Acceptance, Inc. and Alfred J. Flores · United American ...


Life Partners derives revenue from the life settlement transactions it brokers by keeping ... make premium payments to maintain the policy is shorter. Accordingly, because Life Partners'. SEC v. Life Partners Holding, Inc., et al. .... his company, ASK Corp. of Waco, Texas, alleging that they materially overstated the company's .


preferred stock, but also single premium deferred annuities. The Court's ... this matter, see Litigation Release No. 12419. [SEC v. ALIC Corp., et al., Civil. Action No. ..... 20: Aircraft Income Partners II L.P., 33-26973; Brauvin High Yield Fund L.P..


Jan 9, 1990 ... (SEC v. Teneff et al., U.S.D.C., E.D.WA, Civil Action No. ... with certain scheduled premium variable life insurance contracts of Growth Account. A to Growth .... 19: America's All Seasons Income Fund, Inc., 33-32567; Aate Corp.


Aug 6, 1986 ... (SEC v. Doerring , Associates, et al., SDCA, Civil Action NO. .... UNITED CABLE TELEVISION CORP, 4700 S SYRACUSE PKWY, DENVER. ... STRONG TAX FREE INCOME FUND INC, 815 E MASON ST, MILWAUKEE. ... First Investors Life Level Premium Variable Life Insurance (Separate Account B),.


See also Complaints in this matter: Lines et al.; Sedona and Cooper; Park; Isen .... 2007, Meridian Holdings, Inc., Anthony C. Dike, and Michelle V. Nguyen .... 9, 2007, Premium Income Corp., InForex Ltd., Tri-Forex International Ltd., also ...


... the hook · Final regs. address premium tax credit issues · Court grants hardship waiver for rollover failure ... Sec. 1.1275-1(b)) generates cancellation of debt ( COD) income. This item ... Special Rule for S Corps. .... See McKee et al., Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners ¶4.02[3] (Warren, Gorham & Lamont 2007) .


22, 2005, Roanoke Technology Corp. et al. ... 16, 2005, Credit First Fund, L.P., Credit First, LLC, Credit First Income Plus, LLC, ... 7, 2005, Sidney V. Corder ...... 3, 2005, Premium Income Corp., InForex Ltd., Tri-Forex International Ltd., also ...