John Raskiewicz, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. the Town of New Boston, et al., ... Pan American World Airways, Inc., Defendant-appellee ..... The Standard Oil Company, Appellant, v. ...... Margaret Elaine Wilkinson, A/k/a "jane Doe", A/k/a " tippy",ella Shipp, A/k/a "ella Stitman", Mcavoy Joseph Shipp, A/k/a"shipp", A/k/a Mcavoy Shipp, ...

and/or financial reporting incentives to keep their foreign profits reinvested abroad ..... σ(eUS)it = standard deviation of eUS over years t-4 through t, requiring at ..... repatriation tax holiday provided by the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 .... et al. (2013) and Hanlon et al. (2012) that the U.S. tax cost of repatriating foreign.

CDOs incurred large losses in May 2005 when Standard and Poor's, a credit rating agency, .... example, leads to higher credit risk or wider CDS spreads but can create a ... work on CDS includes Blanco et al (2005), Houweling and Vorst ( 2005), ... the bad news had been incorporated in market prices before the bankruptcy.

from and surf on bubbles, by anticipating the behavior of noise traders or by realizing the difficulties in .... standard, this clearly represented “irrational” valuation levels. ... N-SAR) that they are not permitted to sell short (Almazan et al. , 2004). ..... bubble by fundamental pricing models, which incorporated real options in the.

cost of having them trapped in foreign jurisdictions (Foley et al. .... repatriate all or any portion of its foreign earnings at any time it chooses, with the only cost of .... standard in the WidgetCo example above), even when no income is being ...... Our sample consists of U.S.-incorporated multinational firms having foreign and.

Jul 1, 2006 ... leads to a 0.46 standard deviation increase in turnover on average .... returns lead volume at the market level in, respectively, Japan and six Latin American markets. .... increases and sell after stock price decreases [e.g., De Long et al. ... that two percent of the outstanding shares trade in a given week (or ...

The Journal of the American Taxation Association: Spring 2014, Vol. ... permanent versus temporary tax reduction, tax planning costs, implicit taxes, and variation ..... 109 (Financial Accounting Standards Board [FASB] 1992) implementation, but not in .... The estimated non-tax costs of four corporate inversions in Cloyd et al.

capital into a standard real options model of capital structure `a la Leland (1994) and ... et al. (2001). The way that intellectual capital affects a firm's financing ... a patent receives, or the number of claims that a patent applies may serve a ...... To this end, we have incorporated .... American Economics Review 88(1) 290–306.

Since the publication ofthe classic paper by Fama, et al. ... ipants at the American Graduate School of International Management, .... Splits undertaken by firms with low share prices or with negative presplit .... cross-sectional standard errors. ..... is incorporated into prices within one year, and that the positive excess retu.