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Safest Cars to Drive
With so many different car models on the market, it can be hard to find the safest used vehicle for your family. Looking at government crash test ratings can help you narrow your choices.... More »
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Mar 31, 2014 ... The ''Safest'' Car Color? Some drivers are convinced that lighter or brighter- colored cars will keep them more visible and thus make them safer on the road. Research on car colors and crash rates is sparse, however. In an Australian study, white vehicles were about 10 percent less likely to be in a crash ...


It also provides good contrast against other objects around roads, including the black tarmac. White might seem like it should be the safest colour, however, studies have shown that white cars are very common and the fact they are common can affect the way they stand out. Or rather, not stand out. White is still regarded as a ...


Jul 20, 2004 ... A frequently asked question of Foundation staff is "What is the safest car color?" ... cars too: It is noted that the color red, used for fire fighting equipment, is one of the least visible of vehicle colors. Optometrists note that, for its high ... Now, I drive a black VW and have not been in an accident in 5 years. And:.


Oct 28, 2014 ... white cars. White – 23% We can't see you in a snow storm! black cars. Black – 21 % We hope you don't drive at night. silver cars. Silver – 18% and Gray – 14% Try not to ... The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety doesn't have any research findings related to car color, reports spokesperson Russ Rader.


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Jul 16, 2015 ... Whether it's a little red Corvette or a pink Cadillac, car buyers find that picking just the right color can be as important in settling on car as its price and options. ... When it comes to safety, white cars may have an edge. A 2007 study by Monash University found that white was safer than every other color.


Dec 9, 2010 ... A bright colored car, one that contrasts with the surroundings, might be worth considering over a flat black or textured asphalt grey. Although the most visible car would seem to be the safest, whichever car you're driving, you are the biggest factor in getting safely from point A to point B. So: Don't drive ...


Nov 30, 2012 ... This article focusses on how colour selection can actually affect your vehicle and safety in ways that may not be initially obvious. ... Standard vehicle colours, particularly white, are also popular for fleets as drivers are happy to drive a car in an inoffensive colour, and they are fairly easy to maintain and repair.


Nov 13, 2017 ... Is there a car color that is safer on the road than others? Studies have narrowed it down to two—and from a strictly statistical point of view, you probably won't care for either. Here's a hint: Have you ever wondered why virtually all New York taxis are yellow? It's true: Studies have shown that of all available ...