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1992; Sparti, 1992; Hinds et al.,. 1993; Cooper and Swanson, 1994; Chappell and. Bachman, 1995; Dutenhoffer and Swanson, 1996). In these studies, summit  ...


Swanson JM(1), Flodman P, Kennedy J, Spence MA, Moyzis R, Schuck S, ... the dopamine transporter (DAT1) gene [Cook et al., American Journal of Human ...


... Important design features to consider in observational research on the long- term outcomes of ADHD - reflections on Sibley et al. (2017) and Swanson et al.


Oct 30, 2013 ... Similar results have been reported by Sekiyama et al. .... Massart F, Meucci V, Saggese G, Soldani G. High growth rate of girls with precocious puberty exposed to ... [PubMed]; Swanson SP, Corley RA, White DG, Buck WB.