Companions of the Prophet or aṣ-ṣaḥābah were followers of Mohammed who " saw or met the ... Those who saw him but held off believing in him until after his passing are not considered Sahaba but Tabi`in. Shia Muslims make no distinction ...


Aṣ-ṣaḥābah (Arabic: الصحابة , "The Companions") were the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad who had seen or met him, believed in him at the time when he was alive and also died as Muslims. The approximate total number of sahaba is over two hundred thousand.


Sahaba or As-Sahaba (Arabic: الصحابة), meaning the companions, refers to the companions, friends and family of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. They are ...


Sahaba is translated to companion. Learn more in this Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) quiz from Education Quizzes.


Alternative Titles: Ṣaḥāba, Ṣaḥābah, Aṣḥāb. Companions of the Prophet. Quick Facts. related topics. Badrīyūn · Muhājirūn · Anṣār. Companions of the Prophet ...

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English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. Sahabah. Etymology[edit]. From Arabic صَحَابَة (ṣaḥāba, “companions”), plural of صَاحِب (ṣāḥib, “companion”). Noun[ edit].