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"Eternal Father, Strong to Save" is a hymn traditionally associated with seafarers, particularly in .... Of all the souls that in her sailed: Let not one life in thee have failed;: But hear from heaven our sailor's cry,: And grant eternal life on high!


The "Navy Hymn" is Eternal Father, Strong to Save. The original ... Glad hymns of praise from land and sea. There are ... But hear from heaven our sailor's cry,

Jun 29, 2008 ... This beautiful hymn is well-known to those who live on or by the sea; and ... and Japanese of WWII as much as to British and American sailors.
Jan 12, 2010 ... Eternal Father, Strong to Save - Christian Navy Hymn with lyrics Hymn to the Sea / Choir Christian Hymns playlist: ...
Aug 6, 2012 ... The U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters perform "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," the Navy hymn, at the commemoration of the 59th anniversary of ...
Aug 15, 2009 ... Website: http://hifihymnbook.com Hi-Fi Hymn Book provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian ... God bless our sailors..
Jun 10, 2008 ... We all learned the Navy Hymn in boot camp, and to this day it holds special places in our hearts. ... USS Fitzgerald 7 sailors who perished..


Hymns and Gospel songs with nautical themes. ... Nautical Hymns. These hymns can be especially effective in shipboard services. Above Me Hangs the Silent ...


Sep 22, 2007 ... Known as 'the Sailors' hymn' and adopted as the anthem of both the British and American navies, addressing in successive verses the Trinity of ...