The Société des Artistes Indépendants (Society of Independent Artists), Salon des ... 1.1 Establishment; 1.2 Groupe vs. Société. 2 Early exhibitions; 3 1905 Fauvism; 4 1906, all the Fauves; 5 1907, the wholesale .... In 1895 and 1897 the Salon des Indépendants was held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts et des Arts libéraux ...


On May 2, 2017, CEI's Center for Class Action Fairness (CCAF) filed an objection on behalf of a class member to the proposed settlement in Kumar v. Salov ...


Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Kumar v. Salov North America Corp et al, case number 4:14-cv-02411, from California Northern Court.


Sep 12, 2018 ... Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Theodore Frank v. Salov North America Corp., et al, case number 17-16405, from ...


United States District Court - Northern District of California - Oakland Division Case No. 4:14-cv-02411-YGR )


Sep 11, 2018 ... similarly situated,. Plaintiff-Appellee, v. SALOV NORTH AMERICA CORP.,. Defendant-Appellee, v. THEODORE H. FRANK,. Objector-Appellant.


Salov North America Corp., brought by the class counsel, also in the Northern District of California. ... The case is Koller v. Med Foods Inc., et al., case number 3 :14-cv-02400, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.


Sep 12, 2018 ... According to the complaint filed by consumer Rohini Kumar on May 23, 2014 against the importer of the olive oil, Salov North America Corp ...


May 31, 2018 ... The case is known as First Impressions Salon, Inc., et al. v. National Milk Producers Federation, et al., Case No. 3:13-CV-00454-NJR-SCW.