Sep 13, 2017 ... Following the trial over a pattern of unlawful practices by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the MCSO during immigration sweeps and traffic stops, U.S. ...


May 24, 2013 ... all others similarly. situated; et al. Plaintiffs,. v. Joseph M. Arpaio, in his individual and. official capacity as. Sheriff of Maricopa. County, AZ; et al.


Apr 17, 2018 ... v. JOSEPH M. ARPAIO, Sheriff,. Defendant-Appellant. No. 17-10448. D.C. No. ... court “to vacate the verdict and all other orders in this matter, as well as the ... Vuitton et Fils S.A., 481 U.S. 787, 808–09 (1987) (invalidating the.


Apr 15, 2015 ... against Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio and the Maricopa County. Sheriff's ... capacity because an official-capacity suit is, in all respects other than ...


Aug 29, 2017 ... Joe Arpaio (@RealSheriffJoe) August 26, 2017 There is no question ... United States V. Maricopa County, et al. and Melendres V. Arpaio, Dec.


Aug 1, 2017 ... This case arose from a finding of civil contempt by Judge G. Murray Snow in the. Melendres v. Arpaio, 2:07-cv-02513-GMS case (“Melendres”).


Jun 10, 2010 ... that P Weeks w/Mariscal, Weeks, et al., is aware of the 9/18/92 hrg date ..... 681 OBJECTION form notice of intention to appear by Sam Lee ...


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Eric Craig Sentenced for Money Laundering and Pandering All Connected to ..... Sam, MCAO's Beloved Victim Support Dog, to Hang Up His Vest .... Attorney Issues Statement on Ninth Circuit Ruling in Lopez-Valenzuela et. al. v. Arpaio et. a.