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Jul 31, 2017 ... If the retailer has three stores, for example, each organized as an LLC, its owners may organize a fourth LLC to lease employees to the stores.


Nov 4, 1999 ... Question 34: A new LLC is considering using a major staffing firm to establish a co-employment relationship with all of its employees.


Employee leasing offers a variety of benefits, including a possible reduction in ... such as an indemnity plan versus a health maintenance organization (HMO), ...


This Act may be cited as the Employee Leasing Company Act. ... "Lessor" or " employee leasing company" means an entity that leases any of its workers to a ...


Jan 8, 2018 ... While many think employee leasing and co-employment are one in the same, they are ... Despite the growth within the PEO industry and the increased usage of them by small ... Check out our eBook, Co-Employment vs. ... Extensis is a registered service mark of The Extensis Group LLC, Woodbridge, NJ.