Nov 23, 2018 ... The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the main players in the Arab world. Its stature is built on its prestige as the custodian of the birthplace of ...


1 day ago ... RIYADH: The influence of Saudi Arabia's Bin Laden family on its eponymous construction business has been curtailed in a restructuring that ...


2 days ago ... Saudi Arabia's crown prince has been stripped of some of his powers by King Salman, it has been claimed. The 33-year-old royal was said to ...


Saudi Arabia produces much of its electricity by burning oil, a practice that most countries abandoned long ago, reasoning that they could use coal and natural ...


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Dec 7, 2018 ... The U.S.-Saudi Arabia alliance is built on decades of security cooperation and strong business ties dominated by U.S. interests in Saudi oil.


Mar 2, 2019 ... Google, siding with Saudi Arabia, refuses to remove widely-criticized government app which lets men track women and control their travel.


Christians in the Levant are under pressure to take sides in the confrontation between Western-connected Saudi Arabia and Russian-oriented Iran. Decoding  ...


Borrowed from Arabic سُعُودِيّ (suʿūdiyy), from سُعُود (suʿūd), the name of the Saud family, who rule Saudi Arabia, and the adjectival suffix ـِيّ (-iyy).