So when I think about game theory I generally think about it as it relates to the social sciences or maybe economics. But we can also use it to talk about every ...


May 26, 2015 ... Five of the last ten awards of the Nobel Prize in Economics have been to game theorists and it is now a bedrock in the life sciences, with major ...


Economics. Family, Home, and Social Sciences > Economics ... Application of game theory to study strategic interaction between individuals and organizations.


For current university students (Bachelors and Masters) in the arts and social sciences with an interest in game theory, economics, and political science broadly.


Many studies in applied microeconomics make substantive methodological ... in game theory, decision theory, market design, and problems of public-goods ...


Transform the routine social science lecture into an interactive lab with our economics, business ... I used MobLab starting with the first class (game theory).


The final social science course in the MMSS Program and is meant to be a capstone couse that ... The first course of the two quarter MMSS game theory sequence. ... It considers examples drawn from economics and the other social sciences.


For social scientists using game theory to model, explain, and predict collective outcomes, games are classified into three groups: purely cooperative games in ...


George J. Mailath is Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences and ... of Economic Studies, The Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic ...