established in the social sciences that classical game theory (even when heavily ... Disciplines: Economics, Political Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology,.


question of interest across the social sciences, economics, and management is this ... The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate, structure, analyze, and ... political science, anthropology, computer science and biology.


Game theory has been applied to a number of disciplines, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, and computer science.


There are now several studies showing how the content of scientific knowledge may be shaped by political, economic, social, intellectual, or other 'non-scientific'  ...


Behavioral game theory is a mathematical approach to modeling behavior by analyzing the ... Game theory in standard experimental economics operates under the ... Change for Good: Behavioural Economics and Decision Science for Social ...


These disciplines tend to adopt scientific methods, emphasizing quantitative rather than qualitative ... IA 352 Game Theory - IA 352 Game Theory ... Introduces techniques used to solve strategic games encountered in business and economics.


Jul 14, 2014 ... However, with the advent of evolutionary game theory (10) there has been an ... Social scientists soon saw that a whole array of other broadly ..... 11. von Neumann J, Morgenstern Y. Theory of Games and Economic Behavior.


Mar 23, 2004 ... The Nash equilibrium has found many uses in economics, partly .... and psychology was itself recognized by the 2002 Economics Nobel Prize that .... Game theory has also become part of a lively scientific conversation with ...


This essay reviews new histories of the role of game theory and rational decision- making in shaping the social sciences, economics among them, in the post war ... familiar to historians of science, their attention has turned to economics in new ...