Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) is an international refereed journal ... The goal of this journal is to provide a forum for scientists and academicians ...


2, Transportation Science, journal, 3.312 Q1, 93, 78, 189, 3086, 801, 185, 3.43 ... 6, Transportation Research, Part C: Emerging Technologies, journal, 2.293 Q1 ...


This chapter focuses mainly on technologies applicable to light and heavy duty road vehicles, ... technologies for the improvement of energy use across the transportation system. ... Chapter 9 — Enabling Capabilities for Science and Energy.


The IEEE Transportation Technologies Award was established in 2011. Presented to: An individual, a team, or multiple recipients up to three in number.


Health Sciences and Technology ... Science, Technology, and Society/​Second Major (STS) .... Master of Science in Transportation Program Description.


Transportation scientists and product developers have spent more than 20,000 hours conducting research on this high-tech highway since its opening.


Students pursuing classes in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Career ... transportation technologies, transportation engineering, marine science or ...


School Bus Transportation to and from TJHSST is provided from all of the ... High School for Science and Technology with News You Choose Sign Up Now.


The Social and Behavioral Policy program, part of RAND Social and Economic Well-Being, conducts research into actions and systems that promote health, and  ...